Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leaving 2009 Behind

It's about that time. Where everyone writes the obligatory post about what they are going to do for the new year. Or what they hated/loved about the year past. So what should I do?
I've never been good with "New Year Resolutions" I also don't do so well with Lent. Because I don't stick to anything. I am definitely not a self motivator.

Side rant...I can not spell definitely without help from spell check. This then will be my first NYR:
Learn to spell definitely. And now that I have typed it out multiple times it looks weird. Kinda like the word Stripe.

As I'm sitting here eating Fritos and this awesome ranch/cottagecheese/sour cream dip, I'm wondering why I have a weight problem. No, I kid. I'm wondering what the hell happened in 2009. Lots of shitty things happened to people, and for me too, I'm not leaving myself out of this.
I will point out that I have had this blog up and running now for almost a year. I'm wondering where to go with this, if I just want to keep it as a rambling nonsensical blog that's just for me and I allow you to peek in on it on occasion. Or do I want to delve deep and turn this into something that is coherent.
But what would I do? I mean I'm all scattered so there's got to be a way to limit myself and direct this blog towards something. I just don't know what.
And then I ask myself.. "why?" Why do I want to change? Why not stay the same, being this way hasn't sucked too terribly bad. I have more readers then I did when I first started.

Side question: How does one sustain themselves by being a Professional Wind Boarder. Honestly.

Oh and just to warn you I am going to attempt a blog a day in January. The theme is "Best" I need some topics. But I'm not going to do this on THIS blog. I'm going to shift over to my newish/other blog. I'll give you all the address when I get to it. I will link it on my page as well. I want to keep this one as my rambling nonsense and use that one for my NaBoPoMo or whatever the fuck the letters are. I will also do a post on here...on occasion. If you're lucky. Right now I have a topic in mind and if I can pull it off I think it will be hilarious.

Okay I think I might be done with this ADD post today. I really have way too much going on in my pea brain to actually sit down and type it out.

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  1. I had a similar side note just recently when a show I was watching named someone as "A professional paintball player", I wonder if he does demonstrations, or what it could be. I'm sure his salary comes from some sort of sponsorship, but good heavens, what a strange vocation.

    Have a very Happy New Year, and do whatever you like with your blog, it's here to make you happy, after all!