Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So What if I can't post every day?

You all know that I'm not a writer right? So therefore I do not have the stamina to write EVERY single day in one month. I'm proud of how many post I did do though. I broke previous records. And I am trying harder now to write more often. So there!
Thanks to Renegade Moms for sharing this badge. I am displaying it proudly!


  1. LOL. OMG! That is too funny. Those three ladies are world class funny!

  2. Omigod, I love it...! The whole point of blogging is to just have fun...! And you certainly do that!


  3. Not to worry fraccy sis, you don't have to write award winning novels each day... just imagine you could open your door in the morning and there was a small (or large) gathering outside it, waiting to hear whatever it is you want to spew forth. They'll love it, cheer... probably ask to see your boobs, and then go back in the bushes till the next day.

    Voila! Daily blogging.

    (P.S. If you find pics of nice bras that you like and post them as a wish list kind of thing... then tag them with 'sexy bra' etc. you will be amazed at how many people come out of those bushes. Sure, they came to see your bra, but they'll think you're funny and come back for that reason... lol

    Oh, and bigger lol = on your ad list when I came by was FRACAS. Seriously. It's perfume and also software, so happens to pop up on your ads because I'm on your blog roll. I love it here, makes me feel famous. Had to click and go over to Sephora to see how much I'm worth and whether or not I should taunt my fraccers to buy me some so I can see what it smells like.)

  4. Which one? Both are right there! Thanks for stopping by!