Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dirrty, and other Photos

I take pictures of Oscar all the time. Just not with a very good camera. I know I should have one of those fancy 10 megapixle cameras like everyone else, but all I have is my phone. And my camera that I got for getting pregnant from my mom. Which for some reason I barely use, probably because it won't fit in my pocket as well as my phone does. So here goes...Here's some pictures I've posted on Facebook and now posting on here!

That is a peice of rug from outside, he and Otis like to pack it around and play with it. Apparently he had to show it to me for this picture. And it took me forever to get him to look at me. See how dirty my kid is?! And yes he's naked. He's naked pretty much all day everyday as soon as he gets up. I have no idea what we're going to do in winter. Or school, once he goes to school!

This is Oscar hugging Otis before bed time. He has to give Otis "love" every night, you can't see Otis's head because Oscar has him in a typical headlock.
I didn't tell him to put his hands up like that I swear! He did it on his own. I don't know who's teaching him those things!
So there you have it. Just a couple pictures for now.
Side note. First assingment came back...yuck. That's all I'm saying for right now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Already Ahead of Schedule!!

So I set my schedule yesterday. I decided to just tackle the terminology for the chapter today, and I did that, then I moved on and I did my assignment for the day, that I want to turn in but I can't until they grade my other assignment. So I did two other elective assignments while waiting. I keep looking on my page to see if they've graded yet but they haven't. I'm mad. I'm mad like this: ggggggrrrrrrrr! if I could make an angry little face I would.
My shoulders still hurt, I think I hunch over too much with out noticing. I think its because I lean back in my chair too. Its an automatic thing.

Barb had her first day at work, and she came home so happy it was rediculous. She was a regular chatty cathy! All the way home telling us what happened and how wonderful this casino is compared to the one in Burns. She reminds me of a kid most of the time. She's so wonderful. She even missed me and Oscar even though she had so much fun at work. I missed her. I didn't have near the amount of time on the computer as usual. Which is probably a good thing. Vampire Wars is getting updated a lot lately so its slow. And I'm getting mad at the game because people are attacking me so often that I don't have enough time to attack anyone to get my stats up. They keep knocking me down.

Thanks to Amber by the way for starting to "follow" me. I'm feeling less losery by the day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Setting a Schedule

I've decided I better start living by a schedule with my course. This last one is tough and if I had my way I would just not do it it all, but I need to get it done. I have a tough schedule to keep. I'm going to get done with an entire book in a month. Okay HOPEFULLY. I'm going to see how well I do with this first one. Actually its the 5 lesson, and its taken me a week or two to get there. I think it has anyway, the last couple weeks have gone by too fast for me to tell really.
Oscar keeps coming into the office every so often to do a little dance to what's playing on my itunes and then leaving again. He's currently wearing a pair of pants that are way too big for him. I think they're for 5 year olds. But he likes them so why not. He was also previously dragging a piece of paper hooked to a leash calling it a puppy. Already with a good imagination! He's started giving his cars voices now, he likes to make them talk to each other. "Hi Speed Racer, what you doing?" "CRASH!"
Sorry for that side step. Back to me!
I cleaned my office up today. Again, I think I cleaned it last week, I had to again today though, because last night I made a card for Leslie finally. And my office looked like paper exploded. Then I put up posters to try and cover up the white walls. If I can't have paint then I'll have pretty pictures. I signed up for a poster thing on the net a long time ago, bad mistake because it made my credit card go over the limit, but good idea because I really like the posters. I also have posters from a "manga" of Jesse's that I'm tempted to put up. I like the style of Anime, its interesting, sure its a cartoon but its still pretty artsy.
My left arm keeps going numb. I should get this looked at I think, and before the end of the month because apparently the state didn't get my paper work I turned in and now they're kicking me off at the end of the month, unless I can get through their phone system tomorrow and tell them that they made a mistake and I DID get my paper work in on time. Its not so much my arm but just mostly my left hand. Which is not good because I love my left hand. I can't live with out my left hand. I haven't noticed any other changes in it though. I'm wondering if I have a pinched nerve somewhere. Or a collapsed vein. My upper back is all funky, and my shoulders are too, somethings going on. I need better posture and to maybe stay off the computer. I think I'm on here 6 hours a day at least. And really, I'm not doing anything at all. I'm just dicking around on Facebook all day. Terrible. And writing a blog that no one reads. That's always good. Yes Amber I know you read it! You need to sign up for blogger so you can follow me!! So I at least have 2 followers. I'm so lame.
I've been up since 7 and this day has drug on terribly slow. Its only 11:20am and it feels like it should be 2 at least.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I'm trying to decide if I want to post my blog website on Facebook or not. Its not like expect EVERY one of my friends to come and read my blog but that's what I'm afraid of. I'm scared that people will come here and read and not like what they read, and or get pissed about what I say. Sometimes I like to ramble on about things and bitch about situations and I don't mean to make anyone mad. I'm just venting. This said I would like more people to read my blog.
I would like to become more of a better blogger too though. I would like to have well thought out blogs that have more pictures and more of a flow then just a stream of consciousness. I want to start researching my topics and posting Internet links to things that I've read. But then again I'm lazy and I just want to type whatever comes into my brain....

So! I did my first assignment that I could not cheat on for my Medical Transcription course. I'm sitting with bated breath waiting for them to get back to me to tell me I was a colossal failure and that I should quit now. I'm such a good self motivator! Is that the right phrase? hmm. Maybe I'm really good at talking myself down so when I do get the grade I will be pleasantly surprised.
I dunno though, it scares me because I don't know exactly how to do everything. I have a problem with that. I have to know EXACTLY what I'm doing on something, or I worry that I've done it all wrong. And with this they don't have a "set form" for the stuff that I'm transcribing, so its basically up to me on how to set up all the words on paper.

Did you know that Transcribing is a lot harder then it sounds? I can type fast, but you know that people talk WAY faster then anyone can type? Your brain just doesn't just automatically take those spoken words and put them into your finger tips. It takes a lot to get there! I know its going to take a lot of practice for me to get my speed up. Right now I'm working on just getting the stinking words! I honestly think that some of these "doctors" on the CD that I'm listening to just make up words for fun. "hmm lets try...edemanocyanosis...yeah that sounds like a good one!" I swear to god the guy said that word, and is it any medical dictionary that I have? wasn't on the online that I found either. The two words fit the discription... edema and cyanosis, and the o is the connector vowel...but I can't find the stinking word anywhere! So now I'm waiting, and waiting impatently at that for my assignment to come back to me so I can see what I did wrong. I have to get a 70% or above to move on to the next one. On the other ones that I could self grade, I got 80% and above, with out cheating I swear! On one of them I only missed one word! Because again, I couldn't understand the "doctor."

Twitter has to be one of the most annoying things in the whole world. Honestly. I don't understand it, I don't get if you "reply" to people if they actually can see it or if they have to go to your "twitter" to see the reply. I don't really know why I'm on there anyway, except to amuse myself, and I'm failing to do that. So I think with that, I'm done with twitter. Unless I get like a million followers overnight. ha! ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My best friend the Super Spy.

She's such a good spy that I don't even know that she is one. I have this theory, because I'm really bad with secrets that my best friend V is really a spy and she just hasn't told me because I'll tell everyone. See I'm already doing it and I haven't proven it yet! The thing is she's always complaining about her job and sometimes when she is I just imagine her putting all her spy gear together while she's talking to me. She's saying "man I have to find another job" all the while she's tightening up her silencer on her .45. I've come to this conclusion because we were watching "Lie To Me" which is an awesome show by the way, and one of the plot lines had to deal with two people that had been taken hostage. They found out that one girl was actually a spy. HER MOM DIDN'T KNOW!! The dad knew, because well he could keep a secret obviously, but her mamma didn't! And I told Jesse, "I swear if Oscar becomes a spy I better know about it because that is AWESOME!" And he responded "He couldn't tell you because you can't lie, or keep a damn secret." And its true. However! There are certain things that I keep very secret. That I don't tell anyone and I probably never will tell. Its just that most of the time I can't do it. See my problem is that I can't lie and if someone asks me a direct question I HAVE to tell them the honest truth. I have too many tells, I can't even lie on the phone! Its terrible. I'm like Tommy from Trainspotting. I never do drugs and I never lie. So after talking about Oscar being a spy I decided that V is a CIA spy like she's always wanted to be, she just can't tell me because I would immediatly go onto my blog or on to facebook or twitter and say "OMG MY BEST FRIEND IS A SPY!!!!" And then she would be fired.

I started twittering. Yeah I said it. I've started following random famous people just because, I honestly don't like twitter. But I like to say things that pop into my head and know that no one is really reading what I'm typing. Kinda like this blog! Its boring honestly, and I don't understand how people get twitter messages to other people. It makes no sense to me! So I'll probably get bored of it, unless they start putting games like Farm Town on Twitter.

I am a Vampire farmer. That's right. Facebook has all sorts of silly games that you can play. My lovely sister Katie got me started on FarmTown. Litterally she got it started for me, she also "friended" a whole bunch of people from my home town which kinda peeved me at first, because I liked being a facebook snob with my 45 friends. But then I got over it because my farm was prospering. Then one day...

I saw it...

An ad on the side of the page that said "Join Us."

And I became...A...VAMPIRE!!!

And not a wussy Twilight vampire either. A cool Vampire. Here I'll show you what I look like as a Vampire:

Yeah in the dark of night this is what I look like. Do you see me? Hanging out on the streets of Vegas in my ripped jeans and my no shirt. All my awesome arm tattoos? That's right you better be scared.
So in this Vampire game you attack other Vampires. But there is a code. You don't attack another Vamp three times or more in a row. Or you get sent to the "Hit List" where other bigger stronger Vamps can "kill" you. You can also bite other Vamps. When you can't hit list them.
I love it. I don't know why, its not the most exciting game but I play it all the time. This is why I can't have an office job. I get stuck on these games and that's all I want to do. I can't leave my computer all day or I get worried that people are attacking my Vamp and I'm not able to defend myself.
Anyway, just a warning, if you're playing a game on facebook watch out because you might get addicted. You might end up a Vampire.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the Lighter Side of Me.

So Oscar is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. He has to watch it all day long. I put it on in my bedroom so if I want to watch tv I can. Anyway this DVD that we have is titled "Dirty Percy" Do you have any idea where this is going? Oh its going to Awesomeville...I asked Oscar "who's that?" Refering to Percy. And he says "Duddy Puthy" say it outloud for me. Okay I'll wait for the laughter. Are you laughing? Because I was peeing my pants. I'm a terrible mother! All day today I kept asking him to say Dirty Percy. And laughing hysterically. We're going to call Jesse's brother and say "This is what Oscar thinks about your girl friend "duty puthy'" HAHAHAHHAAA I'm terrible. Horrid aweful mother. But I'm laughing!

I have to tell you something. I did something strange today. I got on to Twitter! I am now Tweeting. And not just serious things, mostly just random stuff that pops into my head. I'm like that dad on the Verizon commercial. "Yeah dad I know your on the patio" Yup that's me. Its funny, but I had to have help to find people to follow. I was being spammers. YIKES! They kept asking me to view their picts! I don't want to look at your pictures!

I had a headache all day long the other day. A knock me on my ass all day headache. I don't get those. The weird thing was that two weeks ago, my neice had a headache and was vomiting over here, and then the next day her brother started puking and had a headache. Then I think the next day Oscar was puking. I don't know if he had a headache or not, he had a fever though, 2 year olds don't know what headaches are to tell you. Anyway so then two weeks late I'm struck down by the same damn headache!! I didn't puke though only because I stayed still and refused to puke. I don't puke. So I got over it, yesterday was kinda rough, but today I'm back up to speed. I did try to do some transcribing but they don't give me any kind of form to follow and just vauge references to some sort of formating. So I have no idea how to format any of it. I keep re-reading my book and it really doesn't tell me anything and the "examples" they have don't fit with with the dictation sounds like. So I'm confused. I'm going to have to either email someone or call it in. I don't want to email really because the last people I had to email were kinda rude, I don't know if its just email talk or what but it came off as rude to me.

Anyway! I think I'm all done for the night. I've played as many rounds of Vampires as possible. That might be my next topic. "Games on Facebook." I'm considering it. That or "My friend V might be a spy and just not telling me." Or both who knows!

Love Peace and Chicken Grease!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blogging Block

I don't know if its creeping back in or what, but I'm having a hard time focusing on things and or staying on topic lately. Not that I don't want to get my class done right now but I really don't want to work on it. I'm on the chapter now that I actually have to start transcribing and I'm petrified of it. I have refused all week to work on it. Terrible. I want to use the excuse of "I'm coming down with something" but really that shouldn't stop this. My left tonsil feels like its going to explode. Or cut of my air way. I don't know which at the moment.
I was thinking of all the things I could start blogging about that would actually keep someone's interest. And then they all went out of my brain and I can't think of them anymore. I do have to say one thing though, my obsession with Facebook has gotten to a point where I can't stand certain people and what they post. I want to un-friend them because of their political views. That being said I don't think politics has a place on Facebook. Its a place for friends really, and some people should not try and start political debates on FB because they're not very smart about politics. I don't start shit because I don't know shit. And I know someone is going to know more then me and put me in my place eventually. But I'm tired of all these right wing assholes thinking that just because President Obama said something about wanting change and it hasn't happened YET that he needs to be voted out of office RIGHT NOW. Do people not understand that change takes time? And its only been a little over 7 months since the man got into office and he has to deal with some shit? Oh and the fact that its not JUST his decision. You know he has to deal with Congress and the Senate and ohhh the Voting Public too right?! And just because you don't understand his take on health care reform doesn't automatically make him a socialist. And I hate that people are likening him to Hitler. HITLER...seriously? And if you don't want health care because "I don't want my government running my health care" then you should vote to get rid of Medicare, and Medicaid right? I'm on state health insurance and I have yet to have a problem. Oh wait there has been one doctor no longer takes Asuris so I would have to switch to Molina, if I want to keep him as a doctor. So my choice, change my insurance or change my doctor. I have yet to decide, I like my insurance better then my Old Man Doctor. Who every time I go in to see him looks at me like I'm a wilting flower. Soo I think I'm leaning towards NEW DOCTOR! Anyway the thing is the whole reason we need health care reform is because most people can't afford insurance. And if they have insurance its expensive and in the long run doesn't really help, because you have co-pays and deductibles and certain things aren't covered. Oh and you know what I love?! I LOVE when the people who are criticizing heath care reform post these little things on FB that want you to sign a FB petition about getting coverage for people who are prone to breast cancer. Wait. Does that make sense? They don't want the government impeding on THEIR health care, yet they want to send in a petition for people who MIGHT get breast cancer? People are re-tarded. I just wish they would use common sense. That's all this is. Common sense!
Heath care hits close to home for several reasons. Jesse has never had health insurance his whole life. Yes his mom paid out of pocket for everything if needed. His shoulder has been 'bugging' him for at least 2 years now. Will we be able to afford to get him in and possibly be told he needs surgery? NOOO. Jesse's mom is going through pre-menopause and has a huge hormonal imbalance going on right now. She can't afford the hormone pills. Or the doctor's visits, she also needs to just get a hysterectomy, but, even if she COULD get insurance, she gets denied because she's HAD cervical cancer! YAY FOR INSURANCE!! I'm waiting for the day that the state kicks me off of the health care, and I hope to god I stay healthy for a little while after that. And I thank the State of Washington for covering my son, no matter what while he is still young. And hopefully when I do get working again I will have health care, that is REASONABLE. That's all I want. I want something that doesn't cost $1000 a month with $50 co-pays and $500 deductibles. That's ridiculous. That's more then ridiculous, its BULLSHIT. The insurance system as BULLSHIT. And it needs an overhaul. Of any sort. And I don't care what anyone says, I would love LOVE to live in Canada, where you get medical care when you need it. And the bull shit TV add that I saw about some lady having to come to America because Canada wouldn't help her. I just want to know how much she had to PAY for that surgery here. Because that's what it comes down to. Sure they'll give you care, but HOW much is it going to cost YOU? My dad had to have a t-cell transplant. 1 million dollars, right before that my mom's insurance got switched to another provider. They had to fight to get him covered for that. He had to have it. He wouldn't be here today with out that transplant. They still had to pay out a butt-load after what insurance covered. My mom's insurance payment is almost half of her check every month. For two people. TWO PEOPLE! She pays almost $1000 a month for insurance, yet they won't cover her hormone treatments for menopause, nope she has to pay for those pills out of pocket...$500 a month. And if she doesn't take them, well she'll either kill someone or kill herself.
So much for blogging block! whewh. I'm spent. I need to get off this computer and go to bed.
That's my rant. I think I'm done.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whoohh Mamma its been a while

I know I said that I would be blogging more since I got this new computer, but saddly Facebook has taken over my life. I'm trying really hard, okay not really, to get away from it but I can't stop myself. I'm sitting in my big bed with a sick little boy. I don't know what's the matter with him, fever, puking, that sort of thing. And he won't take any tylenol without puking it back up. So he's kicked his dad out of bed tonight. Which I was assured was okay because "I'm going to stay up retarded late anyway" Yeah he said that. Direct quote.

Life has been random lately. Ups and downs and ups and downs. My classes are going good I think. I passed my Advanced Medical Terminology with a 93% and now I'm doing a typing class which is "re-dunkulous" because well I'm typing over 70wpm net. That means that after my errors I'm still going at 70+. Yeah I'm pretty much amazing. But now I'm at a stand still because I'm waiting for reply's back about the final. I have to have a proctor for the exam and well I don't know anyone that can do that. Do I have a clergy member on call? Ugh, so I've skipped ahead to the next book which I already started before I started the typing and stopped to do the typing thing. And its just a bunch of reading about what I'm going to be doing. BORING! I want to learn HOW to do it, not what someone else's experiance is.

Jesse's mom is living with us now. And her dog and her cat. Can I say that this was the best idea EVER! And I'm not being sarcastic. She's wonderful. She watches Oscar for me while I dick around on the computer all day. She cooks she cleans, I'm sure she does windows! I love her. She's good company to talk to and its surprisingly not akward! I pretty much forget that she's Jesse's mom and I think of her as a friend. aww aww I know! The best is that Oscar doesn't call her Grandma, he calls her "Barb" its hillarious. He doesn't even come into our room in the mornings any more. He goes straight for the stairs and calls for her. "BARB! WHERE ARE YOU!" "OTIS!(that's the dog)" And then Otis comes up and slobbers on him and they wrestle. They're good buds, and Oscar told Barb the other day "my dog" so he has apparently taken ownership of Otis, and vice versa. Its great. He's a big dog too, so Oscar can put him in a headlock and wrestle him to the ground without fear of breaking bones. Otis did give Oscar a bloody nose though, that was funny. I mean tragic. Otis jumped over Oscar and his hind leg hit him in the nose, after the nose was fixed Oscar had to tell Otis to "Get out!" The only problem is that Otis has now ruined Oscar for any other dog, my aunts Jack Russell has found this out after Oscar tried to put her in a head lock. Yeah little dogs are funny. She didn't like that so much.

Our housing situation has stablized just a little. They're not auctioning off the house, which is good, but Barb can't find a job, or hasn't until just the other day, which is not good. Jesse can't make enough money to pay $1050 for rent and the other bills. Sooo I was looking for a job, and got no where, because no one wants to hire someone who hasn't worked in 3 years, because apparently now I'm a re-tard. But now Barb has a job offer from a casino, and all she has to do is pass the background check and she'll be on her way. The downside, is that its graveyard and only 2 days a week. Possibly more if people call in sick. I'm taking my kid to the casino to get everyone sick. ha! This is another reason for wanting to get done with my classes STAT. And another reason why I'm kinda mad that they don't get back to me about things right away and that they won't just let me take the final without a proctor. "Look at my typing scores!" Oh back to that for a moment...On one typing test I got 84wpm. That's right 84. No mistatkes. Yeah why do I have to take the final??

wheehw. I guess there's really nothing else that I can type out at this point in time. I'm hoping that funny things will happen and I can blog about them but most of the time I just feel like I'm writing in a diary. And right now I don't really want to do that very much. Sooo I was thinking of doing something else, but it would take a lot of work so I don't know if I'm up for it. I'm on the computer enough as is.

Wait! I forgot! Sooo I got the wii back from my sister for a little bit and I got back on the Wii fit. 161 since my last weigh in. I GAINED 6 LBS!! Crap. So I started doing the Wii Active game and it is fun! I love it. I did it yesterday and today. I know! Its amazing! And I've been trying to eat smaller portions again. Which is hard when I'm angry and stressed and sad because my "shut off switch" stops working when I'm those things. So yeah progress is being made. I'm trying to lose 10lbs before Mel wants the Wii back. She says she wants it back on Sunday, which is tomorrow, but I'm going to hopefully keep it until her kids get back. I really really want to work out. Which is crazy because I never want to work out.

Something is going on outside our house. People are screaming about something, I think I need to go investigate. Couldn't see anything.

Okay now I'm really done. I need to go to sleep. I'll probably be up in the middle of the night getting puked on!