Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Leaving 2009 Behind

It's about that time. Where everyone writes the obligatory post about what they are going to do for the new year. Or what they hated/loved about the year past. So what should I do?
I've never been good with "New Year Resolutions" I also don't do so well with Lent. Because I don't stick to anything. I am definitely not a self motivator.

Side rant...I can not spell definitely without help from spell check. This then will be my first NYR:
Learn to spell definitely. And now that I have typed it out multiple times it looks weird. Kinda like the word Stripe.

As I'm sitting here eating Fritos and this awesome ranch/cottagecheese/sour cream dip, I'm wondering why I have a weight problem. No, I kid. I'm wondering what the hell happened in 2009. Lots of shitty things happened to people, and for me too, I'm not leaving myself out of this.
I will point out that I have had this blog up and running now for almost a year. I'm wondering where to go with this, if I just want to keep it as a rambling nonsensical blog that's just for me and I allow you to peek in on it on occasion. Or do I want to delve deep and turn this into something that is coherent.
But what would I do? I mean I'm all scattered so there's got to be a way to limit myself and direct this blog towards something. I just don't know what.
And then I ask myself.. "why?" Why do I want to change? Why not stay the same, being this way hasn't sucked too terribly bad. I have more readers then I did when I first started.

Side question: How does one sustain themselves by being a Professional Wind Boarder. Honestly.

Oh and just to warn you I am going to attempt a blog a day in January. The theme is "Best" I need some topics. But I'm not going to do this on THIS blog. I'm going to shift over to my newish/other blog. I'll give you all the address when I get to it. I will link it on my page as well. I want to keep this one as my rambling nonsense and use that one for my NaBoPoMo or whatever the fuck the letters are. I will also do a post on here...on occasion. If you're lucky. Right now I have a topic in mind and if I can pull it off I think it will be hilarious.

Okay I think I might be done with this ADD post today. I really have way too much going on in my pea brain to actually sit down and type it out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here's why I suck as a salesman

I'm getting worse as I go with my Transcription. I don't know why, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But apparently I cannot do it. Every assignment comes back worse then the one before. I get all the medical words right, but can't seem to figure out where and when these people want commas. I've been rereading the chapter on grammar and still haven't figured it out. So I'm apparently wasting 3 grand on something that I am apparently not cut out to do. Which is AWESOME! Good thing my job at the mart is going so well, if anything I can climb the ladder there! YAY! Just what I always wanted to with my life! RETAIL! ugh. Sorry. I just don't know what to do or where to turn to now with this stuff. I don't understand why it's so nit-picky.

I am so not in the mood to blog. It's sad. So I'll leave you with this...a little Christmas Day video.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pictures from the new Camera

Okay he's contained, safely in the bathtub, yeah, yeah tell me how safe that is. I'm right out side the door and I keep yelling at him anytime he's quiet. Oh and I keep telling him not to drowned I know that helps too.

So! here are some pictures from the new camera. I want to show you all what I had for dinner the other night and share with you my awesome "lil' smokies" dinner. hahaha....(I'm totally mocking all of you that do "recipe" posts right now. I am)

First start with a package, or two, or three of awesome little Smokies. mmmm....little smokies...

Then add your favorite BBQ sauce. I go with Original because I'm boring. And lame.

Now this is the tricky part...Put these two important ingredients into a pot, TOGETHER. Okay wait, You need to remember to keep this at medium to medium low. Because if you walk away with it on medium high, the bottom will burn to shit and you will loose half the smokies...I don't know this from experiance...or anything...

Mmmmmm look at those little smokies!!

So there you go, there's my awesome reciepe for Little Smokies. And now some other random photos from the new camera.

Here's Oscar "petting" his "caterpillar" or french fry as normal people call them.

He's in training to be a P.J. Party DJ. Yup yup.

This is honestly the BEST picture I have ever captured of a cat. Do you see her tongue sticking out?! Are you kidding me?! The whitness of the fur throws off the exposure but whatever. I don't have photo shop. Any rich twitter friends wanna send me that?

So this camera has already proven itself to me. Go back through and look at previous photos. Can you tell the difference between 2 megapixels and 6? Because I kinda can, and I am no photographer. 

Typing Quick Before the Kid gets into anything else...

Seriously I haven't been on the Computer in two days. Because every time I tried Oscar would get into shit. Like right now? Okay a little bit ago, he was in his grandma's bathroom, elbows deep in the toilet playing with a toy. Awesome! Before that he was in her room messing with god knows what. He said he was "drinking water" but I don't believe it for a second. At this moment I have no idea what he's doing. And that scares the crap out of me.

I don't know what's up with me but I haven't been liking being on the net or the computer lately. I think it's because I'm mad at my Medical Transcription class. They're total bitches about grading and make me feel like I was never taught how to write a sentence. I have even reread their chapter on grammar 5 times now to figure out what the fuck I'm doing wrong every assignment. I have yet to figure it out. Seems as though they change the rules for EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ASSIGNMENT. So why train at all? If the rules are different for EVERY different transcription what the hell am I doing here?? And the shit that they get me on is REDICULOUS and doesn't change the structure or meaning of the fucking sentence.

I apologize for all the f bombs. I know I don't really throw them around that much, but as you can see I'm super angry at the moment. If it wasn't an online class I would go into someone's office and punch a bitch right in the face. I swear to God.

Other then that life has been super fantastic. Everyone is home with my parents except me. So I'm throwing myself a pity party here. I'm a saaaddd Randa. We're supposed to go over to my Aunts for Christmas dinner so that should be interesting fun. Work is going splendidly I got notice that I am now a permanent employee, and my mother already has her delusions of grandeur for me. "You'll be upper management in no time!" She's the only mom who would be proud that her daughter is a manager at a W.M. So yeah, I still like going into work, everyone at this one is actually pretty pleasant to work with. So I guess that's a plus. And paying bills feels really good.

I got a new camera from a super cool Twitter friend, that I can not stop bragging about. It's been tons of fun taking pictures, and I've already sucked a set of batteries dry. Which apparently isn't hard to do! But hey I've got a lot of random picture of Oscar now! YAY! He hates loves the camera.

Anyway I need to get going, I typed this furiously and fast to get it all out there, and now it's back to chasing and yelling at a kid who doesn't seem to want to just sit still for just half a freaking second.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday List Day is back...100 things..

We're going back to basics on this one. If you need to catch up go here... 100 Things Chapter 1 and then here... 100 things part Dos

Okay here are the early years of Randa Dawn...

70. For, I believe, at least one year of my life I was Wonder Woman. I have told this before but I like to brag. I mean I watched the show (I remember an episode where WW was spinning around tied up in a chair to transform). I wore under-roos that had the stars on the butt and the top like W.W. And I would not answer to Miranda, or Randa. When I was almost done with the phase, my awesome uncle made me wrist cuffs, headband and lasso (Lassoop, I called it) and I was thrown right back in. Mom was "overjoyed" to say the least. The sad thing is, there is only one picture of me as W.W. and that was a Halloween picture from preschool. Mom thinks that the reason she has no evidence was because she got wrapped up into watching me play this character she forgot to record it.
69. I used to also pretend to be a dog. So much so that I wore holes in the knees of every pair of pants I had. The went on well into 3rd grade.
68. I would pretend to be a dog in Church and I barked at the Priest, and I also lifted my leg to a pew...My sister was so glad to be related to me.
67. My best friend when I was in kindergarten to 4th grade was a boy named John. I would say his last name but then you would google him and get to make fun of him about how we used to play My Little Ponies and SheRa all the time. That's right. He had the greatest room EVER. It was huge! I want to go back to that house to see if it really was, or if it was because I was small.
66. He stopped being my friend in 4th grade, and we were never really friends again, and I never really knew why. It was probably because I turned into a total bitch.
65. I met John's "roommate" at a friend's wedding a couple years back. He wanted dirt about him, I told him about the ponies. It came as no surprise to him because apparently John is gay. I had no idea, honestly. The last time I saw him he was a total Frat guy. I also told his roommate to make sure that if John tried to say that the Ponies were his sisters, to call him on it. They were his. He even had the castle. Man I miss those days.
64. One day when my mom went to the store my sister was being mean to me so I packed up all of my ponies and "ran away" all the way to the weird fern bush in the front yard, where I pretended I had a fort.
63. I don't have many memories before the second grade. I can remember my first grade teacher, but nothing about the first grade.
62. My first memory of school though was getting pushed in the swings by my sister's friend and thinking that I was going to go over the bar.
61. My first second grade memory was of two boys talking about my friend who was "the new girl" and how she was "the cutest girl in the class." That always made me jealous, but I still liked her.
60. That friend and I would go on to get into a lot of trouble together. Not real trouble just dumb stuff.
59. I would play pretend so much by myself that I hardly remember much of my family when I was little.
58. I used to fall asleep before dinner and then get woken up by my sisters and think it was the next day.
57. My sisters liked to get me to talk in my sleep a lot too. They would ask me questions, which would end up getting me hit by one of them.
56. I never noticed until a little while back but my mom had a pattern to our names...The girls had M names, with the middle name having 4 letters, and the boys had A names. Which is interesting because my dad has an M name(well not his "given" name) and my mom has an A name. hmmm.
55. My grandma used to say "Colder then a Witches Tit" and I never knew that was a bad saying until one day we went to the grocery store and I said it really loud and she shooshed me. I didn't know WHY it was a bad saying, until High School. Yeah, I'm slow.
54. I was the typical shy 3 year old, but when someone asked me "What does your mom call you" I said "Her little food and farter." My mom's proudest day with me.
53. I was the shortest girl in my class until I think 7th grade. Then everyone stopped growing and I kept going. I still wish I wouldn't have stopped at just 5'9" though.
52. Oh! I got a wart on my tonsils! Right around the time my youngest brother was born. I remember mom was gone and I had to get a shot in my butt. And it actually choked me, I remember not being able to breath at times. My oldest sister told me that she told dad that I stopped breathing and he said "Oh she's just snoring" and then I got the shot...Then I had to go to Bend, (Closest big town) to the doctor and he went in and snipped it out, then teased me. He asked if I wanted to keep it and I was all for it, but no, I didn't get to keep my tonsil wart.
51. I only had one boyfriend before meeting Jesse. His name was Jason, and I was in the fourth grade. My sister told me he was using me for our Nintendo. He broke up with me because I wouldn't wear a stupid bracelet that he bought me. I also never kissed him. I wasn't very sad that he broke up with me.
50. We had a Cocker Spaniel named Muffin, who would follow me to the bus stop almost every day. She also laid in the middle of the road a lot, but never got hit by a car. I also had another dog named Rascal, who "ran away" or so THEY told me, but then when I was older my oldest sister said "Oh he probably got ran over or something." They're so cruel to me.

There you go, some history...Next time...Who knows where I'll take this list!!

Total Blogging Block

I need some help. I need something to blog about and I've got nothing, I really want to write SOMETHING but my brain isn't working. It must be because I don't get to hang out at home and surf the internet all day. Who knows. All I know is right now I've got NOTHIN'
But if I have to say something I will say this:
Get your ass out there and watch The Hangover. Single handedly the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. I had tears running down my cheeks by the end of it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Night Live

Hey people it's Sunday. Is anyone going to berate me into eating less? Because I did. I have started cutting my portions down again to try and get to normal sized meals. I'm starving.

So I missed Saturday Night Live and I missed one of the funniest skits ever. Seriously it's one of my top contenders.
Kristin Wig is awesome.

Oh and then there's this one, with Christopher Walken, who I love whenever he's on SNL...

So with that start I'm going to try and weed my favorites down to 5 favs.
Starting with Will Ferrell. I love all the cheerleader skits that he does. Actually I love everything that Will Ferrell does. He's awesome. And I miss him on SNL.

I could add tons and tons of the new digital shorts, including Mother Lover, Dick in a Box, Lazy Sunday, but here's one of my favorites.

And of course I cannot make this list without putting my love Chris Farley in it, seriously any skit he was in was awesome, and this is just the one that everyone loves, and quotes the most:

Hold on a moment, I'm verklempt, talk amongst yourself.

And here is my lover...I mean Justin Timberlake with Kristen Wiig as the "Target Ladies" too freaking funny.

Oh and an extra because I love Eddie Murphy and the old school...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A bit of the Christmas Cheer to you!

So since I have no decorating sense I leave it to my mother who for several years now has had "themed trees" every Christmas. I put in a call to her the other week and got in return her 1997 theme of Gingerbread men. I know that it was 97 because on the back of the gingerbread men there's a date. And I must say that I think it's pretty stinking cute. We went and got just a little tree. We didn't want to over do it our first year out. Got the lights on it and then with some "help" from a three year old we got the thing decorated, all while listening to Bing Crosby sing Christmas Music.
Here's the proof. Oh and BTW these were taken by a real camera! A camera that is now MIA because my son is obsessed with it and I'm sure has stashed it somewhere.

And no we didn't clean up around it before I took pictures. Oh and I have decorations around the windows now. Yes I'm getting in the spirit!
Now off to form a search party for the missing camera!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100 things About Me...Part Dos

Part 2 of my 100 things about me.
To catch up simply read the entry below this one or click here! 100 Things

Weird/Gross Things That I'm admitting.
79. I bite my nails. Really bad.
78. I have bit my toe nails. (recently??)
77. I chew/smell my hair. It's a weird compulsion thing that I have done forever. I like to smell my hair. I do chew on it, but I don't swallow it, oh and I hate having a single hair in my mouth. That's weird.
76. Awkward situations in movies/shows make me uncomfortable.
75. I fart all the time. But not in public. I gross Jesse out all the time. Yet he still likes me!
74. When I was in school, High School, and before, I would NEVER go to the bathroom at school because I was afraid the fire alarm would go off and I would have to run out with my pants down.
73. I was petrified of the fire alarm until 6th grade. Even after that though, I wouldn't go to the bathroom.
72. I had a dream recently that a dog was trying to hump me. And not my leg, but actually trying to hump me.
71. I don't poop very often. Like sometimes I can go three days before I have to go. I have always been like this. 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

100 Things about me...You're in for it now...

I just saw a good way to break this up into sections that I can manage. And I think I'll do it in steps, so you keep having to re-read things...ha!!

Me...Where I came from, (family)
100. My mom and dad have been together for almost 40 years. Don't know if they should be but they are!
99. Lots of people who know me know this...I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.
98. I'm "bigger" then both my sisters. Taller and fatter. I'm awesome!
97. I'm "bigger" then my youngest brother. Not taller though. Just fatter. We were at one time an equal amount away from 200lbs. But instead of going down I keep going up.
96. My family is all above average height.
95. My mom had ten kids in her family.
94. My dad had 3.
93. Due to my mother's awesome memory, I have 3 birthdays. Well due to my dad too. My real one is on August 2nd. But mom gets confused because my brother's b-day is on the 4th...of January, and by the time August comes around she forgets and thinks mine is on the 4th. Then one year my dad thought my birthday was on the 10th, which is my nephew's birthday. So when I turned 19 I ended up being 21. And got a beer from my sister for it!
92. All of us except my baby brother, who's not really a baby, has kids. I'm the only one with just one.
91. Oldest sister has 3 boys. I don't know their ages. Just the oldest because well he's been around the longest!
90. Second oldest has two. Girl/Boy combo
89. Oldest brother/younger, has two. Boy/Girl combo.
88. I was the oldest when I started having kids. At 27.
87. I've said this before, but I grew up in one house. Mom, dad and oldest sister moved there and then never left. I don't think they'll ever leave. Unless one of us wins the lottery!
86. My parents never smoked. My mom swears she's never tried weed.
85. Might need some back up on this but I think ALL of my siblings and I have "tried" weed.
84. One of my dad's favorite movies is Easy Rider.
83. We all have a very dry sarcastic wit, that we got from our dad.
82. We all have a very sick sense of humor, that we got from my mom's side of the family even though she tried to keep us from getting it by keeping us from her family.
81. We are all super competitive. Yet we all have low self-esteem. Mom has yet to figure out why.
80. When we were all older we pissed dad off so bad that he stopped going to church with us. On Christmas Eve.

Next time: Weird/Awkward things I'm admitting.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Thoughts for the day

I think all this nonsense about "interviewing" people on blogs is just a contest to see which blogger is this witty-est. Yes I know that's not a word. But really it all seems like a pissing contest to me. "My questions are funnier then yours!" "yeah well my interviewee is a better blogger then yours!"
Really this is just because I'm jealous because I'm not a famous enough blogger to be interviewed and I really am not a good enough journalist to actually interview anyone.Maybe I'll do it anyway...who wants me to question them?!

Oh and a thought about my last post in which I said that I would have
Mariah Carey
Ben Folds
Josh Groban.
I have to expand. And probably take out Beyonce. Because honestly I only like her most recent CD. And her music isn't diverse enough for me to really enjoy.
Eminem I would love to have because he changes so drastically yet stays the same from his very first CD to now.
Mariah well because I love her. And she has a lot of CDs to listen to.
Ben Folds because really? He's awesome, I saw him live and I loved him.
Josh Groban, because I like singing in Italian!
I think I will trade Beyonce for Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yeah! That makes me hip right?! Because that's what I'm going for here. HIP. Wait, no, Outkast. Yes! I love Outkast.

CDs that I would not have(and my reasons):
Dave Mathews Band-I have NEVER liked this band. And yes I went to college. I can't stand his voice. He was funny on SNL but still don't like his music.

Bob Marley-I am not technically a white person because I do not like Bob Marley. I don't even really like reggae music all that much. I'll listen to it if it's on, but I'm not going out to reggae concerts.

U2- I know I'm not the only one to had Bono and his stupid sunglasses. I hate them. Like vehemently. More then I hate the word Hubby.

Pearl Jam-Do they sing "Don't call me Daughter?" because that's the dumbest song ever.

Pink Floyd-I don't have an explanation, just never got into them, never liked it.

The Beatles-Now I like a couple songs. I will sing a long because my mom had their album and yes I know some lyrics. But if I were a fan of Rock Band I wouldn't go out and buy the Beatles version. They're not that great!

Jack Johnson-he reminds me of this soccer player I knew in college. Total bone head.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Because Aunt Becky Told Me to.

I'm not doing this really to enter a contest because I just told someone in a comment that I've only entered one contest before. And NOW I'm a big fat liar. But honestly I like Aunt Becky and I might just maybe have a crush on her. (I'm one of many in a very long line) Anyway! She had this little youyou on her blog and wanted her commenters to post them on their blogs about them and then link it from her comments or something like that I can't remember and I didn't read it all. I just cut and paste. haha! Okay! Here! These are my answers!

1) Do you like sprinkles on your ice cream?
Like all the time? No just when I'm at a buffet (pronounced buff-it) because it's the law at a buffet to get sprinkles on your ice cream.

2) If you had to choose one word to banish from the English language, what would it be and why? 
Hubby. I don't know if technically it's "real" word but I hate it. I think it's dumb. Call your husband by his name when you talk about him. Everyone knows that he's your "hubby" shut it already.

3) If you were a flavor, what would it be?
What flavor would I be? I got called "white chocolate" a couple times in my life because I supposidly was a white girl "Trying to act black" but I didn't really "try" it just was the way I was. So I guess I would be white chocolate, but I don't personally like white chocolate so I think I would have to be Neopolitan.
4) What’s the most pointless annoying chore you can think of that you do on a daily/weekly basis?
Hmm this is a hard one because most of my "chores" are boring, but not pointless. My least favorite chore is cleaning out poopy underwear. 

5) Of all the nicknames I’ve ever had in my life, Aunt Becky is the most widely known and probably my favorite. What’s your favorite nickname? (for yourself)
My favorite nickname has to be Chode. Because it started out as a horrid thing and then turned into a name I love and get all mushy when my friends call me it.I also like RandaDawn because it made me feel a little closer to my dad when he called me that. When I worked for him he never said "Miranda will help you with that" he always said "RandaDawn (all at once like it was one word) will help you with that." It was cute and made me feel like a little kid when I was 22.

6) Your stuck on a desert island with the collective works of 5 (and only five) musical artists for the rest of your life. Who are they?
Mariah Carey
Ben Folds
Josh Groban
(I am soo not a hip mom...)

7) Everything is better with bacon. True or false?
That is the God's honest truth right there. EVERYTHING is better with bacon. No futher talk of it either. mmmmm bacon....

8 ) If I could go back in time and tell Young Aunt Becky one thing, it would be that out of chaos, order will emerge. Also: tutus go with everything. What would you tell young self?
"That your third grade teacher was wrong and you can be just a mom, and be happy doing it."

Mommy Wants Vodka

Holding YOU all acountable. OR Wordy Wednesday Posted on Thursday.

Uhm so do you remember when I said that Sundays were going to be about me and my working out? Yeah did you notice that the Sundays after I said that, there was no mention of my weight or anything? HELLO? You were all supposed to hold me accountable! I can't be left to my own devices here people!
So I haven't done anything. I tried. And now I can see how terrible my core really is because bagging groceries for 7 hours sucks. And I was kinda loosing my breath last night because my back hurt so stinking bad. The muscles were burning. BURNING!!!
So what if it's "wordless Wednesday" here's my words! (Edited because I didn't get this posted till today, Thursday)
Ring- Jesse decided out of the blue on Monday to take me to a jewelry store and pick out a ring. He gave me a limit, a rediculous limit and I blew right by it. The ring is on layaway perfect poor people's love story. There was no proposal linked to the ring. We haven't discussed that part. I have been told by my eldest sister that the wedding will happen "when your sisters get off their asses and plan it." and I added "and pay for it." Because I am not paying for it. We just had to put out money for the damn ring.

Poop- Oscar was doing really good about pooping in the potty all by himself. And then something went terribly wrong. And four days now pooping in his unders. Nothing makes me gag quicker then poopy unders. Well there is something but I won't go into it. I hate poop.

Work-Has been a lot of fun. I like all the people I work with and I have to say that there isn't a lot of good dental hygiene going on at the store. But they're nice people! Oh and having one car for three working people sucks balls. big time.

Crap, I'm already out of words. Maybe this is why they call it wordless Wednesday, because no one has anything to say.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So What if I can't post every day?

You all know that I'm not a writer right? So therefore I do not have the stamina to write EVERY single day in one month. I'm proud of how many post I did do though. I broke previous records. And I am trying harder now to write more often. So there!
Thanks to Renegade Moms for sharing this badge. I am displaying it proudly!