Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Night Live

Hey people it's Sunday. Is anyone going to berate me into eating less? Because I did. I have started cutting my portions down again to try and get to normal sized meals. I'm starving.

So I missed Saturday Night Live and I missed one of the funniest skits ever. Seriously it's one of my top contenders.
Kristin Wig is awesome.

Oh and then there's this one, with Christopher Walken, who I love whenever he's on SNL...

So with that start I'm going to try and weed my favorites down to 5 favs.
Starting with Will Ferrell. I love all the cheerleader skits that he does. Actually I love everything that Will Ferrell does. He's awesome. And I miss him on SNL.

I could add tons and tons of the new digital shorts, including Mother Lover, Dick in a Box, Lazy Sunday, but here's one of my favorites.

And of course I cannot make this list without putting my love Chris Farley in it, seriously any skit he was in was awesome, and this is just the one that everyone loves, and quotes the most:

Hold on a moment, I'm verklempt, talk amongst yourself.

And here is my lover...I mean Justin Timberlake with Kristen Wiig as the "Target Ladies" too freaking funny.

Oh and an extra because I love Eddie Murphy and the old school...


  1. These were the Daysssss! OMG Will F. kills me with the cheer leader thing. Remember when stuff could be funny AND not obviously totally raunch? Remember before Jack Ass? Oh those were the days.

  2. Seriously I could be massive amounts of videos up that are hilarious. Oh and if I got started on In Living Color it would be all over!

  3. For many, many years I had never seen Saturday Night Live, at all. It's funny because it's a very pervasive part of our (pop and otherwise) culture.

    I have to admit, I still haven't ever seen a full episode of SNL. I'm mentioning that only because even without ever going out of my way to see anything from Saturday Night Live, it's absolutely amazing how much of the stuff I've absorbed anyway.

  4. I loooove the NPR one with Alec Baldwin.

  5. I had never seen the one with justin timberlake he is hilarious.