Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100 things About Me...Part Dos

Part 2 of my 100 things about me.
To catch up simply read the entry below this one or click here! 100 Things

Weird/Gross Things That I'm admitting.
79. I bite my nails. Really bad.
78. I have bit my toe nails. (recently??)
77. I chew/smell my hair. It's a weird compulsion thing that I have done forever. I like to smell my hair. I do chew on it, but I don't swallow it, oh and I hate having a single hair in my mouth. That's weird.
76. Awkward situations in movies/shows make me uncomfortable.
75. I fart all the time. But not in public. I gross Jesse out all the time. Yet he still likes me!
74. When I was in school, High School, and before, I would NEVER go to the bathroom at school because I was afraid the fire alarm would go off and I would have to run out with my pants down.
73. I was petrified of the fire alarm until 6th grade. Even after that though, I wouldn't go to the bathroom.
72. I had a dream recently that a dog was trying to hump me. And not my leg, but actually trying to hump me.
71. I don't poop very often. Like sometimes I can go three days before I have to go. I have always been like this. 


  1. HA HAAAAAAAAAAA !!! You let your hair down for this post, very funny :-)

  2. Don't we all smell our hair? I thought that's where women got all their power.