Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two for Wednesday

So I have to do another post today for missing yesterday. And I need to update everyone on situations that I have previously written about.
I went in and had my interview with Wal-Mart and it went good, I was offered a job and will be a part-time temporary employee for up to 120 days. Which will be nice and help us while I'm working on getting done with my Medical Transcription. Which I am happy to say that I've gotten an assignment done, Monday! And waiting for them to get it back to me to re-do because I have to get 80% or better and there were many words that didn't make sense and I couldn't find on any data-base. And if it were in real life I'd be able to go up to the doctor and say "What the heck were you saying?!" So I'm not too worried. I have made my mind up to just not worry about it and get it done and get it in. What is really making me mad though is all the "practice assignments" other then the one that I have to turn in are all under 3 minutes long. BUT the assingment that I have to turn in is 6 minutes long! Thanks! Because it takes longer then 6 minutes to type out because well I'm fast, but not that fast!
So anyway! Sorry for the tangent. I went in yesterday and took my drug test, which I would hope I pass since I haven't done any drugs in years! So I'm pretty much just waiting for the phone call now after they run my stellar background. They're paying me $9.55 an hour which is more then what I made the last time I worked which is nice! And will help, at even 20 hours a week. It will definatly help out our money situation. As long as Jesse continues working.

So there's that.

My dad update. My mom had posted a status update on facebook saying this:

Okay so Mike starts a new thing for the multiple myeloma, it is a thylidomide derivitive called revlimid. The clinic in Bend called, well their financial planner called, not a good sign and not especially if you are a real positive personality like my Mikie. So I have been told to drive the piss out of the new car 'cause it is going back. So who wants to see me? Sign up now!!

So this worried me, so I called to ask what the heck was going on. They found out that dad's meds would cost him. $5,000 a pill. A PILL. And he has to take them once a day! For at least 3 weeks!! Oh and my dad has been on partial disability now for a year because his work has gone down since his first round with his cancer. So he's on Medicare, and Medicare being AWESOME won't, that's right WON'T cover the medication because it is a chemotherapy. Sooo now they're waiting on what my mom's insurance will cover and whatever that won't cover they are trying to get on different programs to help with the payment. My dad needs this so his bones will stop dissolving. This is his life. So I don't want to hear anymore from people saying we don't need health care reform. My mom and dad have health care. My mom pays half her pay check a month to her health insurance. So why doesn't it help them?!?! It makes me sick.

So there you have it. Questions, comments? Good!


  1. I hope everything works out for your Mom and Dad. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Dang! 5K a pill is just crazy. They are pretty much saying you have to pay it cause you have to in the world can ANYONE afford something like that. You should go on Ellen Degenerous(sp)website and write her telling her about that and either her or Oprah can help...hey, you write great and it is worth a shot?!! lol Ellen is doing some Dough-vember thing where you tell her your hardships and she might help.

  3. Amber I'm totally going on Ellen and telling her how you butchered the spelling of her name! haha! kidding! Mom-out-law and I have been talking about it a lot. For us, not my dad though! hah! But yeah now I'll probably have to go and ask for help for my mom and dad. Really...21 pills at 5 grand a peice hmmm...that's $105000 just for the first round. They're talking multiple rounds of the pills. I keep hoping that insurance will help them,but they will hit their cap pretty damn quick that way!

  4. Tell your dad to stop ruining everyone's life! Geez! He's being so selfish! hahaha. Wait, is that offensive?

    If Ellen calls you, I hope you scream in her ear for like five minutes. That's my favorite.

  5. :-(

    Sorry to hear all of that. That's just obscene to charge anyone that much. There's no way on earth I can believe that any medication actually costs that much to manufacture... even with drug company profit thrown in.

  6. Yeah, that price is unreal. You would think if it was a matter of life they would be able to help people instead of giving them the horrible struggle of trying to pay for something like that. As if there isn't enough on their shoulders already. Makes it really scary to think about ever getting sick and actually needing the insurance you pay so much for- then they won't do anything for you. Keep supporting the family Randa...Ya'll have to be strong and everything will work out somehow. I miss you like C-r-A-z-Y!!!

  7. Yeah, you totally need to go to Ellen. And then tell her how selfless I was that I decided your story was better, so she will give me something too..haha Go to both Ellen and Oprah. That would be too good for words..haha You can make the talk show circut talking about how rediculous it is for them to charge everyday people like this and start a big story over it all and become famous for standing up for the cause...then you wouldn't have to work anymore, and I would come help you and travel with you and stuff, and then you would make it so I didn't have to work either...dang...that just got outta control..haha. So lemme know how that email to Ellen goes..haha I am totally not kidding about doing it either. It is a far better reason to get money then just being an everday hard worker that can't make ends meet like 99% of America is right now. Anywho..TTYL. Love ya , Night...haha

  8. If Ellen calls me I will probably sob uncontrollably in her ear for five minutes. I wrote to her today, and told her that I could tell her about MY financial woes but I wanted to tell her about my mom and dad and how my mom really doesn't want to lose her dream car. I hope she actually reads it. I don't know if it was moving enough.

  9. $5000 a pill? That is absolutely obscene. All these stories we are hearing about insurance and drug companies just make my blood boil. Have they no conscience? I get so upset and frustrated I sometimes burst into tears listening to NPR. I know it's just liberal guilt that's not gonna help you or your dad one lick. I hope everything starts looking up for you and your family.