Monday, November 9, 2009

Ad Ware Makes My Self-Esteem Plummet

I just set up Ad-Ware I think on Friday and already it's yelling at me that I won't make any money because I don't get 1000 visitors a day. Stinking Ad-Ware. Google Ads didn't make me feel bad! I got kicked off of Google Ads though because I only had two readers, my sister and my friend at the time and they would click 6 to 12 ads at a time and according to Google, that's cheating or what they call "inaccurate clicks" Whatever Google Ads!
The thing is I don't want a 1000 readers a day. I like the people that read my blog and I think I'll stick with them. I'm going for quality not quantity. And this isn't just to make me feel better about myself, this is about the freedom to say what I want to say and not to worry about people "hating me" or being my "minions." That word "minion" has been thrown around a lot lately in the blogs that I read and I think it's funny. Like bloggers are supreme beings. Or wait, popular bloggers, are supreme beings or maybe giant planets and we as non-popular bloggers are their moons.
I also want to say that my friend Leslie is also a contributor on this blog but she doesn't contribute very often because she feels like she's a little out of place. Or something like that, I wasn't paying attention to her when she was talking.
So why the Ads? Because I like to dream people. I like to fantasize that I will have a million followers swooning on my every word and backing up my every thought. I also fantasize that I can sing like Mariah Carey and have the body of Beyonce. But that's besides the point. I also just got bored the other day and thought I would torture myself by setting up those stinking ads. Oh and I am not supposed to say there is any incentive for people to click my ads, so I'll just say: " there, click on that ad. JUST ONE THOUGH! I don't want to get kicked off." You get nothing in return mind you. Just the satisfaction of getting me 6 pennies. Oh and if I ever get a lot of money, I will get you something pretty. Wait, is that an incentive?! I didn't say that.
I will promise that I will probably never get to go to
Blogher or any other convention set up for the blogger people because I am NEVER going to be that cool.

Oh and if you're still with me...Here's something else completely boring and not really what you want to read:
What I ate yesterday:
2 egg, cheese, polish sausage "breakfast" burritos
2 slices of pepperoni pizza
2 pieces of lemon cake
And around 32 oz of water.
For a "work-out" we walked around PetSmart and Boarders. Shut up.


  1. The pop-up ad repeatedly makes my comment window disappear and I lose my comment. Is there a way to stop it from doing that?

  2. Followers can be dangerous. Too many blogs are ruined by popularity. My favourite blogs are written by people who don't know how many followers they have and don't care.