Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday's Will Now Be Body Awareness Day

It's a working title.
So since I think I want to do something about my weight "problem" I figured I better start something that might hold me accountable. So Sundays will be the day that I do a whole "this is what I did the past week." Maybe I should have done this on Saturday. No wait, maybe it should be goals for the week. Crap. I didn't think this out at all. Okay!
Here goes:
Sunday's will go like this...
Weigh in:
What I did last week:
What I will do this week:
Did I get what I wanted done?
I will try really hard to do a food diary. Which will be hard for me because I can't ever seem to document what goes into my mouth. But maybe this will also help me be more accountable for my actions. I will say how much of water I drank and so forth.
So I think at the end of each blog, since I have to blog every day will be what I ate from the day before, or that day depending on when I wrote the blog. I have been writing my blogs the night before I post them so hopefully I can keep this up.
I'm really hoping that I get this job with Wal-Mart because Jesse's mom gets a discount at Oz Fitness and if I have extra money I will go and get a membership there. And maybe if I'm lucky find someone who will help me train.
Secret dream time: I want to be MADE. Into an MMA fighter.

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