Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things I love. The short list.

I do a lot of "things that annoy me" so I figured I better take my mom's approach and try to be more positive. Yeah, yeah, pat me on the back, go ahead you know you want to!

  • The number one thing I love is my family. No not Jesse and Oscar family, wait, yes I love them. But I'm talking about my family that I grew up with. They're always ALWAYS there for me. No matter what, we're all so different yet all so much a like. I couldn't live with out any of them in my life.

  • I love the faces that Oscar makes. I wish I had a good camera to take all the face pictures of him I can. Here's a couple: 
I don't really know if he's showing me his boobs or what.

One day I was bored, and I drew on his face.

That's his "cheese" face. Right before he tells me to stop and go away.

This one he does a lot lately. It's not the best version of it but you get the idea.

  • My friends, they rank right up there with my family. Like my family they're pretty much there for anything. And even though I haven't keep up with all of them I know if something happened that was important they would all be there for me.

  • Reading. I could read all day every day. I think this one of my big reasons why I love blogs so much. I like to read everything and anything. Suggest something, send me a book, whatever I'll try it. I have a good imagination and usually a book for me is better then a movie any day.
  • The ocean. I really would love to live by the ocean one day. That's a big dream of mine. I love the sounds and smells of the ocean. 

  • I do love to scrapbook but I have to do it in spurts because my creativity is very short lived. And now that I don't have enough room I don't know how much I'll be able to do. 

  • I have loved all animals since the time I was little, I even held field mice and garden snakes when I was younger. I have always LOVED cheetahs. And I don't think I've put pictures of my tattoo of my cheetah up on this blog so here's a couple pictures. The cheetah is an old tattoo I got it when I was 22 I believe, and it is "photo real" so that's why its light, oh and because my skin sucks in ink like crazy. The rest of it just got done last year in September. It's already faded and not quite finished yet. We didn't have the money to finish it. 

So there's my list, well what I can think of at the moment.


  1. That's a nice list, full of truly important things :-)

    Whenever I'm in a low sort of mood, I look around my environment and try to name five things that I like, love, or appreciate. Not the big things like, "I have my health!" (although I'm darned grateful for my health), the little things I don't pay enough attention to sometimes. Having great smelling shampoo, for instance. I just glanced at my desk and saw a copy of Magaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and thought about how my son read that over the summer, and we ended up discussing it. How he's old enough now to have his own views, but to back up why he has them. The parts he found neat, the parts that he found creepy. The very fact that he'll not only ask "Hey, do you have any good books I could read?" that he doesn't bat an eye when I say, "She's a fairly well known feminist writer, and this is absolutely a tale about a patriarchy."

    He'll read it, and he'll have an opinion on it that doesn't parrot mine.

    That's just one thing on my desk, and I can also remember the first time I read that's not my favorite book, but I've read it twice...and how my opinion of it was different the second time I read it, and that I loved it for different reasons.

    Or that I love how much my life has changed since I first bought that book for a class.

    The things, and people, places we love tell such vast stories in our lives. It's never one thing about them, or it. I think when you start peeling the layers on what you love? There are so many reasons.

    Have a great day, Miranda.

  2. I love all the things that you love. And I love that you visited my blog. So I am here for a love-fest- where can I check in?! Also, I love your blogroll and totally think we should trade blogroll links. Am bowing.