Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm totally not good at blogging and working.
So working at WM is all good so far. I haven't learned anything pertinent beyond safety, safety, and checkers can't have scissors because they run with them and hurt people. I have also found that there will always be a separation between departments. "My department is way better then your department"
I will probably never post something earth shattering about working. Because really nothing earth shattering happens when I work. Lame.
Anyway this might be my resignation from blogging every single day. I am not good at doing things like this and working.
I will probably blog on my days off though. It looks like I might have a decently full schedule, that varies every day...which I don't like, but I will get used to.


  1. I hated not having a consistent schedule when I worked retail. Good luck! You'll probably get more hours than you want since we're approaching the holidays!

  2. Congratulations on the job, Miranda! Personally, I'd never be able to post daily on a blog. I just don't have anything interesting to say every day (or, it could be argued, at all ;-) ).

    I guess it's best to blog when the mood strikes you, rather than trying to stick to a schedule. You never know, many interesting things may occur at work.

  3. My son calls it his Weinis! lol
    Hey you gotta blog on a schedule that works for you. This every day for a month thing is making me an INSANE WOMAN!
    and um- what's up with you running that before shot of my muffintop over on the left there?! lol
    thanks for reading Pajamas and Coffee- hope you'll be back!

  4. I do all my best blogging at work.