Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank You Little Einsteins and I hate You!

I'm not talking about the now defamed "Baby Einstein" but The Disney Channel's "Little Einsteins" which is now Oscar's very favorite show. I just had to pause right now to restart another show. All I hear all day long is "Linestien?!" (That's how he says it, no my kid is not smarter then yours, he can't pronounce Einsteins) So I turn it on and for a half hour at a time I can get something done. Yesterday I got to talk to my "adviser" for school for a whole 18 minutes before he started yelling at me. Thank goodness we can barely afford the DVR, I'd be screwed. I think he has more shows recorded on it then I do. I have yet to get to watch my Monday night shows because well yeah I had to work on stuff for my class and well this keeps him entertained.

I'm almost half way done with my class! I'm so excited! If I can get it done before February I'll be all good to go! I'm giving myself that dead line so I can get a job before my temp assignment gets done with my other work. I'm trying really hard not to get frustrated with it all, but it's really hard. The thing is the rules change for EVERY assignment. And the "advisor" told me that. "well you can't do the same thing on every assignment." What kind of sense does that make? Then why do they have "rules" if everything changes every time?? And when I think that I've got it and it's good. It's not. And it's only getting harder. This next assignment I have to get an 85% or better on it. UGH! And for the midterm I have to get that the FIRST time around. No do overs. I don't think I'll make it. But to me it just doesn't seem practical. Especially after talking to other people that are transcribing for doctors right now.
Well on that lovely note, I have to get going and work on my next assignment. I have to get it in by tomorrow. Gotta stay on schedule!


  1. Baby Einstein is the only way I got through nursing school. I'd kinda like to tongue kiss Julie what's-her-face.

  2. I was so happy when Mr. Monk finally started liking DVDs. That's when I finally got to take showers longer than 3 minutes and use the bathroom in peace.

  3. You're my hero -- going to school and being a Mom too. Omigoodness...!