Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Blogs In a Night

I thought I'd make up for not writing everyday. Listen I was just thinking about "text-typing" the way the kids are doing it now. I text my friend a lot. A LOT. And I never use text talk or type. I can't do it because I don't have the brain to shorten things like that. I can shorten names, I always shorten names. In fact I don't like names that are already short, I have to have nick names. It's just the way I am. So anyway I was going to title this "OMG I totally forgot." But then I said to myself "You never say OMG unless your being factitious" So I went with the title that you see up there. I mentioned something about scrap booking in my last post, and this is important because before I had a child I never EVER thought that I would scrap book and even after he was born and my mother got my a "starter kit" I was reluctant. "I am not that creative" I yell at myself. OOOhh But I was terribly wrong. Last Sunday was extremely stressful and I didn't like it at all, so when we got home I got a bug and drug out all the scrap booking shit and I started doing pages, I got old pictures of my friend L. and I and got to work, and you know for my first attempt they look pretty stinking good, and you know, it calmed me down and I think I slept a little better that night. So the next morning there was still that bug so I did two more! One from my first trip to Disneyland and one for Oscar's first trip to Disneyland. And those turned out pretty good too. So! I'm off!! And I'm running with this scrap booking thing. L. thinks I'm crazy, and I'm going to start wearing horse print shirts but I assure her and everyone that I will not wear crazy horse print shirts until I'm 50...ha! But I will share pictures of my pages, which is funny, pictures of pictures but I have noticed on my blog runnings that everyone on here seems to be a photographer or an art-ist of some notion. So I figure I better get my artsy fartsy ass in on all of this!
I think I'm suffering from mild case of insomina...I took a sleep aid over a half hour ago and I'm barely feeling it. I'm getting a little numb around the edges but not too sleepy yet. Oh my head just went numb...weird. I hate pills.

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  1. I too detest text speak. I never use it.

    I am not too keen on receiving it either.
    Sometimes I can't even be arsed to translate.
    Therefore I do not furnish the 'text speaker' with a reply.


    Predictive text is even worse.
    It drives me around the 'fork in band'.