Monday, January 25, 2010


First: Is anyone seriously confused by my blogging right now? I'm falling in love with my WordPress blog and I don't know if I'll keep this one up much longer and just transfer all the posts over to the other one and toss this one. Think about it, I'll come back...

Second: If I were to say tell you uhm..."Hey do you like to scrapbook?" And you answer "No, I have a ton of pictures and supplies but no time." And I reply "Well would you pay someone to do it for you?"
What would you say? Okay now what would you say if that person were me?
I've been rattling it around in my head for a while. But I think that I am pretty decent at scrapbooking and I like to do it and if I could actually do it for other people I think I would get more out of it. So let me know okay! You few and seldom readers! Not your fault I know! With all this moving around and changing places, it's my bad.
Anyway there you go. Short and sweet. If you want long and crazy posts just go HERE

Love you all and GOODNIGHT! 


  1. I like this idea, and I've thought about it. It's my retail experience that leads me to believe this could be a royal pain in the ass. What if they don't like it? You invest a lot of time in that which you should be paid for. How to you fix stuff?

    I am still without a job. Enjoy your new one.