Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Dream...And The Dan Band.

I have a dream to have The Dan Band sing at my wedding. So I'm going to find out how much it would cost to book them. And when I have that money given that I'm not 80 by that time, I will get married. No matter what I look like.
Ever since Old School I have loved this guy. He is hilarious and would fit so well for my wedding. Because it would be a big party and everyone cusses anyway! 
This is in writing now so I have to keep to it.
Oh I just looked and apparently they don't do weddings because they're afraid of killing grandmas. Since I have no grandmas and my grandpa is too deaf and might not be here when I get married, I'm going to email and beg them. This might have to become a crusade. Anyone care to join me?? Want to start writing letters for me??


  1. Hey did you figure out if they would do a wedding? how much would it cost because if i ever get married i want them to be there too!

  2. I did! I posted about it. They're spendy to have in person. It's around 25 grand not including travel! I might just have to get a personalized video for $1500. I'm not that rich! I hope you read this, because I couldn't email you!

  3. $25k? There's at least one booking agency that pegs it at $12k. That's a much more reasonable price.