Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Psst! Hey you!

Remember me? Yeah I'm the one trying to confuse you with too many blogs!
Head on over to My OTHER Blog I'm on my sixth post! Amazing right?! I've made it to day six! I however am just doing them a day at a time because I honestly don't have enough topics to write out several blogs and save them for later dates.
So yeah, still going. I have a weird work schedule, and have yet to work on my transcriptions but hey I get paid tomorrow. And I might be shoe shopping! Oh not fancy shoes, I'm going to get some Nike Shocks to help my feet feel a little better at work. I was also going to look into those Rebok easytone shoes, you know the ones that make your butt look better...but I'm willing to bet a lot of money they don't have them in my size. I think those ones would be better then the Sketchers because no offense to people with back problems or club feet but the Sketchers look like they're made for people with those types of problems. I think it's the high heel.

Anyway! get on over to my other blog right now! I've said some pretty funny things. Okay maybe not but hey you read this one, you're bound to like the other one!


  1. I want those Reebok shoes too, but I won't spend that kinda money on em. I live in Sketchers. They have a work shoe that I can get about 6 months outta before my feet start to hurt again. They are usually in the $40 range. Let me know if you end up with those easytones and what you think of em.

  2. I've been reading over at your other blog, Miranda.

    By the way, as always happens with this sort of thing, yup, I wear Sketchers too. I have neither a club foot, nor back problems, but I must be wearing a different style than the ones you've seen, as both pairs that I have, don't a have any sort of high heel.

    Yup, I felt moved to share that. Riveting wasn't it? I know, I'm on the edge of my own seat. Thoroughly gripped by my own....snnnnzzzzz

  3. I don't wear Sketchers, so I should apologize for ruining the streak. I did go to the other blog though... and even left a comment, so hope that makes up for my being so sketchy on the Sketchers.

  4. The Sketchers I'm talking about are the ones that help your legs while you walk. I don't know what they're called "Walk Fits" or something like that. They have a really weird sole and heel on them, that make them look funny. I don't wear Sketchers either so it's okay that you ruined the streak Fracas!