Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Kid is Soo Not Smarter Then Yours

 This post contains the word Retard. If the word Retard offends you quit reading now. I don't honestly think my kid is retarded, I'm being sarcastic. And if I truly felt something was "wrong" with him, I wouldn't use the word Retard.

Okay here we go:

I have the opposite feeling of most moms. Even though I'm sure in some ways Oscar is very smart, I have this feeling that he might be retarded or something. Every other blog that I read that has a three year old in it, they seem to be able to speak complete sentences and in perfect English. Where as my son, I get "bobbuddyday" for Bob The Builder and "jum jum" for "Jungle Junction." And today I read a blog where someone's three year old told her a dream he had the night before! WHA?! He told you there were spiders in his dream?! Oscar can't even tell me why he fell out of bed, just that "hurt, arm broke" (It's not really broken, just that when ever he gets hurt somethings broke or bloody to him)
So I don't think you'll ever catch me saying "my kid is such a genius!" it will more likely be "what? well my kid can drive faster then yours!" "okay not really, your kid is way better then mine."
Okay so while writing this we had a potty training break through! I heard Oscar say to himself. "Oh! I have to pee." and he went in the bathroom all by himself and peed. OMG I HAVE THE SMARTEST KID ALIVE!!!!!!
And then, he pooped his pants. AGAIN. Ahh two steps forward...and giant leaps back.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is so true! My children are 4 and 2 and I am the only one that can barely understand them. This afternoon I was yelling to my husband who was upstairs with the two year old that she wanted a HUG. She is saying HUG!
    Everyone else have children that are verbal geniuses.