Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am sooo done with people

I'm over people. Really I'm so mad at the people on my facebook except for a precious few that I want to start all over with a psudonym. I don't think politics has any place on facebook. People as a whole do not know enough about politics to involve themselves in a well thought out disscusion about it and shouldn't start on a networking site. I know enough about politics to know that I know JACK SHIT. I know this though, that when the committee that selects the Nobel Peace Prize selects someone they DESERVE IT! No matter what you think. I'm so pissed off about this that I'm shaking. And I don't know why I'm so deeply offended by people on that stupid site that I am shaking. I just am. I want to kick the shit out of something. And there is a dog in the room at the moment...please if you think I'm serious come take him away from us, we can't have him anyway.
Fuck people. I'm so freaking done with it. I don't know if this is because I've been reading new blogs that are all open to how you really feel about people. But my emotions have snowballed into a gigantic hate ball. I have found what my friend and I have deemed "the seedy underbelly of blogging" and I don't like it. I had no idea that this was all out there but it is. There are blogging confrences that only a select few can go to...or if you have the money. Or something. And who knew that blogging was SOOO IMPORTANT. That they have to have confrences.
I am so freaking angry. I need to get away from the computer. But I really have no where to go. For the next few days I think I'm going to stay away from Facebook and away from blogs. I need to clear my head and maybe do some actual work.


  1. Hey Miranda, well, let's see -- when Al Gore shared the prize I found myself explaining to a lot of friends the relationship of environmentalism to sustaining resources and that historically wars are fought with acquisition of resources as a primary goal, whether it is land or goods that the land yields. Everyone had that "Aha! That makes sense then." moment because it was a provable statement, something concrete.

    I think people are baffled because Obama was given the Nobel Peace prize for engendering a feeling -- hope, and a wider door to diplomacy. It's a harder one because it isn't a concrete thing. It's not a provable statement with a concrete cause and effect to point to as of yet.

    Even Obama acknowledged in his acceptance speech that this wasn't awarded on deed, as much as concept. Now, is it okay to award the peace prize on a concept?

    Clearly the committee thinks so.

    I felt terrible for Obama when he won because he is being called upon to justify so much, and I was embarrassed for him, but not because I think the guy is a dismal failure by a long shot. I think he's trying like mad to accomplish insanely difficult things. I personally felt that whereas the intent behind the award was wonderful, it put Obama in yet another tough spot.

    But is there any validity behind avoiding a peace prize based on an engendered feeling, rather than a concrete action? Of course there is, that's what peace is, when you get right down to it. Peace is not necessarily a concrete action, and the awarding of the prize had to do with a diplomatic climate change brought about by possibility.

    Do I wish they'd waited to give him the award until such time as he had an action, a deed to assign it to, to justify it? Yes, I do, but not for any other reason than winning for an engendered feeling puts Obama in a tough spot.

    People get strange when defending feelings, and when it comes to Obama, most reactions to him are based solely in feelings. I mean, there isn't a lot of concrete stuff to point to in either direction at this point to justify anything said about the man other than feelings.

    There's no list of "he did this" "he didn't do that". The two things that I can point to as concrete evenly balance out the guy. One of his first acts? Reinstating stem cell research (thank goodness! that's one in the win column). Another one of his acts? Repeatedly confirming that he intends to do away with "Don't ask, don't tell." and then he passed on his first two opportunities to do that. I mean, really, he didn't do anything in either direction. It's impossible to say, "and you broke, irretrievably, one of his campaign promises" because it's equally possible he's simply yet to fulfill it (which is not the same thing as breaking it).

    Being president is such a tough gig. I do wish the Nobel committee had held off if for no other reason than it adds to the pressure Obama feels. He's not even a year into his presidency, he's still busy compiling a legacy, and a resume of actions.

  2. WOW! Thank you and very well put, land of shimp!

  3. I should have just not posted this blog. The fact of MY matter is. The Nobel Peace Prize means Jack Shit to me. And honestly before someone "undeserving" (to many of my facebook "friends") won it, no one else on Facebook gave a shit. So what is the difference now. I asked on Facebook "who won it last year? without googling it" and you know what NO ONE ANSWERED! Imagine that, because no one cared last year. My Point is. It's an award that no one cared about until someone they didn't like won it.
    Land of Shimp, you make WONDERFUL points, as usual, I love getting your comments because always you make sense.
    But! I clearly didn't make my point in my blog. I'm slowly learning about how to make my blog make sense to more then just me.
    And obviously I didn't stay away from blogs...