Thursday, October 8, 2009

How's this for blogging

So I couldn't think of a title.

I started this blog at the wrong time of night. Its almost "get the kid ready for bed time" because we have a strict schedule in this house and we keep to it!! I have three minutes to say that I hate this whole depression thing because today I don't feel so depressed. I think I might be either manic depressive or bipolar. Can someone out there diagnose me please? Because I don't have insurance and I can't afford a doctor. I currently am waiting on my doctor friend to ask his doctor friend to write me a prescription for my antidepressants because I can't afford to go into see anyone. So we had a texting consultation the other day, where I told him what I was taking and how much and since he doesn't have his "state pad" yet, he's going to talk to a friend to see if he will write the scrip for me. How awesome are my friends? And how shady to I feel right now?! I don't even know if I should be talking about it on the web. Is this against the blogging rules? To share this? Am I allowed.

Hold on for a half hour please...
Okay so it was a little longer then that...but you couldn't tell could you?

So what I want to know is there a list of blogging "rules" out there? I'm wondering because I have been spreading out and finding new blogs and reading here and there, and a lot of places and a lot of comments that I see say "you shouldn't do this on your blog" and "you should do that on your blog" and "your grammar is terrible!" So I really do want to know is there a rule book for blogging? And if so I need to see it. I know that one rule that everyone talks about is putting too much information about yourself out there. I used to have a blog on MSN spaces, and I used to write about any and everything, and I think only friends read it, I did meet some other bloggers and got to know them and love them. I found out through my uncle that my aunt was reading it and didn't like that I talked about my self too much. She also didn't like that I wrote a blog about a then campaigning Obama and how he raised 8 mil in a week or something to that effect. In my defense, I am dirt poor and I was amazed that he could do that, and why couldn't he do something like that then put it to good use. Anyway, my uncle berated me and said "IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY TO RUN A CAMPAIGN." Completely missing the point of my blog, because well he didn't read it. Anyway so I got off of MSN because I didn't want to hear it. So I put my blog here on blogger, and had no followers till I told my friend that I was blogging here now instead. She likes keeping up with me and well I'm not the best emailer but I will write a blog about it. But I also found out that another friend from college would read my blog, to check up on me as well. I had no idea! I thought it was interesting though. But then I guess that's what I do on a lot of blogs, I lurk. I don't tend to comment as much because most of the time blogs just make me go "huh. that's nice" and that's it, and really do you need to have me say that? So anyway I started reading other blogs, and got suggested other blogs by my friends and then I started on twitter for some reason. I think because I was bored one day. And then a new world of blogs opened up...I'm really glad I found them. I signed up on Blogher a little while ago but I never keep up with it, and I don't really understand it. I've also signed up on Mommyroo which I saw on twitter has been getting some angry comments from people because they "stealing" posts or something. I have learned that there is a lot A LOT of drama out there. And when I read all this drama I'm really glad I don't have drama on my blog or in my life. I like reading about drama I don't like drama in my real life. I tend to try and squash it quick.
I found out that my sister was reading this blog, well from my mom, and that she stopped reading it because I bet I hurt her feelings because I was blogging a lot when I was taking care of her kids and about how I didn't like it. And I feel bad for that. And I know that this isn't a "private journal" but I would like to say that if a person does have a blog the reader has to keep in mind that this is just a stream of consciousness writing and I say things to get them out of my brain and keep me from having an ulcer. I will complain about things on here, I will talk about my family. I won't talk about sex because well I just don't do that...No wait...I do have sex, I just won't talk about it. I don't like hear about other's sex lives so I won't do it, just like in my daily life...I don't like Public Displays of Affection, so I won't do it either. I HATE SEEING PEOPLE MAKE OUT!!! Therefore, I will not make out in public. Hell I don't even hold hands. Mainly because my hands sweat profusely, and because well it just feels weird. (This whole subject is a blog on its own)
I have told my other sister about this blog and I don't know if she's still reading it, but I told her because I wrote about her son, and figured she'd like to read it. The comment I got from MOM not my sister was "Oh I talked to your sister and she says she's reading your blog." "Oh yeah what did she say" "It's you know, Randa stuff, and I said ohhh Randa stuff." Like I'm crazy or something. What is that supposed to mean anyway? Mom is the one saying I should be a writer, why not be a writer on a blog that no one reads??  I have however, tried not to put my family members names on here, so I hope that appeases people. And my friends, well most of them except Leslie, because she blogs on here sometimes too. She's the funny one. I'm the depressed one.
I don't even know where to put my blog, how do you categorize a blog about nothing? I know that there are mommy blogs, and give away blogs, and "hater" blogs, and "FAIL" blogs, but what about this?
There have only been a few blogs that I have found that actually have really good discussions in their comment sections. Most other blogs just have comments to puff the writer up, and make them feel good. (like mine) I have started liking those blogs that make me want to comment more then the ones that I just read and go, "well alright see ya later."
Well with that I'm off, maybe to get a piece of cheese cake, and most likely to go read my twitter...and check on some blogs.
Oh and forgive my spelling errors...I switched to the new "editor" and they took away and or hid the spell check button.


  1. Dude. I hate--HATE-the sound of making out. The smacking, squishing, moany-ness is totally barftastic. The worst is going to a movie and having to watch a makeout/sex scene in Dolby Digital Surround Sound. BAAAAARRRRRRRF.

  2. Uhg I know! It just makes me uncomfortable. And makes me want to throw a shoe or something.

  3. Ok you you guys remember "sex noodles"? (This goes back to GU days) The gross sounds that noodles make after you cook them and they're just mushing around in the bowl?

  4. I've never read a blog before, ever. I liked yours, so much so, I'm going to start one myself. How did I find yours? I Googled "what is the term for wearing no underwear" Voila, your blog was before me. BTW, do you know the term? I can't remember it; it's bugging me now. We have a lot in common. Four years ago I went to rehab, began Cymbalta for my diagnosed depression and anxiety, and began and have continued with weekly counseling. I now love living.
    I'd like to write two blogs, one anonymous and one to advertise to family and friends. I have no idea how to begin either.
    Personally I hate porn but enjoy watching and expressing PDA, not to be watched, but to be able to express without care.
    I didn't always feel this way. My heart recently changed when I saw my 9 yr old daughter gauking at two lovers kissing. When I asked her why she said, "Because I want to know how to do it when I get big." How sad for her to have lived with her father, my now ex-husband, and me for the first 8 years of her life yet never see us kiss. She'd certainly seen us fight. Children see and hear so many awful things-expression of love isn't.
    I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable and hope the day comes when you no longer will. I don't want that kind of power over you-don't give it to me- you're worth more than that. When I engage in PDA, my thoughts aren't on you, they're on him, on us. It feels wonderful when he initiates a gentle kiss and I freely reciprocate. When I see it, I watch and smile. I'm happy for them because I understand.

  5. Hi Kelley, thanks for the comment. I would like to say on my behalf that my son doesn't ever see us fighting because we really don't fight, or argue ever. And we do express affection for each other, just not over the top making out laying on each other all the time. That is the kind of PDA I am talking about. I should have been more specific. Making a blog is super easy. Sign up for blogger and they walk you
    through it. That's what I did. Mine is pretty much a work in progress and not to be copied really, because compared to others it is definitely lacking. Check out the blogs that I have posted on my blog list, they are all really well thought out blogs.
    And Leslie...Gross.

  6. Kelley, when you're not wearing underwear it's called going commando. Also, if you're going to start a blog, be ready to be strong enough for people's comments. If my 9 year old was watching people make out because she wanted to know how to kiss, I wouldn't put that back on myself that I didn't make out with her dad enough. I would tell her she's never kissing anyone and tell those people to get a room. Have a nice day.

  7. I started reading your blogs because i didnt talk to you much! and yes i was a little hurt by what you said but then i understood where you were coming from and forgot about it! i am glad you have a place to vent mine is tammy! you are a writer at heart so i think blogs are the way to go for you and now that we know how to make a little moola from it... heehee... vent away sweetie! now if i dont like what you say i will vent my opinion and we can start a whole conversation about it then throw imaginary stuff at each other and get over it! haha! love you!

  8. sorry last comment was from your sister melly. i cant remember my gmail account!