Thursday, February 26, 2009

Word to your Mother

I have Ice Ice Baby stuck in my head all of a sudden. I had to switch titles. My title was boring me. Not of this post but as you can see of the whole thing. No more talk of depression. That's depressing. I'm on to being weird and obnoxious. Yay! I went to a scrapbooking store today and spent way too much money. Its like a candy store but for ladies in dog/horse sweaters. That's what I think anyway. I have yet to get my dog/horse sweater, I'm waiting for my friend to knit me one. She's also knitting me a bikini, yeah because they have patterns for bikinis...they do!! I bought a whole crap load of scrapbooking shit and I got to work tonight making some more pages. I'm awesome.

We had our very last b-ball game tonight and the girls surprised me with a card and a gift certificate to get my nails done! YAY! I teared up a little bit. I did, you know I did. And Emily said "YOU BETTER USE IT!" and I said "Oh I will, check out these terrible nails, you know I will!" and her mom laughed for me. Seriously this was the best thing ever for me. I am so happy that I did it, my mental state is worlds better then it was three months ago, I'm losing weight! I went from 242 to 225 since November! That's almost 20lbs people!! And I want to keep going, I wish I had more basketball to play. I wish I could just keep going back to the school. We're having a pizza party next week though so I will get to see all the girlies again. We had a good season, we didn't win a damn game but we learned a whole bunch. So now I get to get my nails done and possibly my eye brows! Which have never been done before.

I've been in good moods a lot lately, and I've been remembering to tell my brain to quit it when it starts thinking crazy thoughts. I'm getting excited for Melly to move on and get out truely on her own. I am praying that she makes it and that her kids make it. And that she doesn't kill them or they kill her.

Jesse has yet to work...three weeks now! And no unemployment! Uhm why am I in a good mood?? I have no idea. The unemployment office made a mistake and they have to take 3 weeks at least to fix it, the good thinkg is that he will get all the back pay from the weeks that he called in and didn't get a check, we just don't know when that will be. In the mean time our tax returns are holding us a thread. I keep looking at our dwindling supply and wonder "why did I pay off the couch so soon??" But its okay, things will work out, I have my positive thinking cap on and I will continue to do so, almost annoyingly. I'm almost ready to by a lotto ticket, we have to be one of those stories "they only had $10 left in their bank account, they found $5 and decided to make a bet..." And then we will have millions of dollars and live happily ever after! I do have to say that if we ever did win the lottery people would be hard pressed to try and find us...we'd be traveling...a lot. I think we would be nomads for a while, just so we could see everything we've always wanted to see, and spend time with people we can't spend time with now. And my friends would be well cared for, that's for sure.

Enough dreaming, I have to shower and go to bed. This cold is going to kill me. I will though, if its still around on Monday, call the doctor, I like to wait till its good and serious before bugging the professionals.


  1. My high school best friends and I would go to the local Taco Bell, probably having Ice Ice Baby'd all the way there. Rachel always drove, lots of hairspray in that car! And what were some crazy purfumes of that era. Were you to young to have known "Baby Soft"? We'd literally screech in high-pitched voices to the unsuspecting cashier, "We know you don't got no underwear on." There were no awards for our brand of insanity. That's where I always dropped my acid.

  2. How about Lady Stetson? Or what about when girls would where Polo and Obsession for Men? Baby Soft is good though. I remember getting that in my Christmas stocking. Son-of-a-bitches didn't have it at that fancy perfumerie in Paris we visited in high school. Go figure.

  3. I always got the "imposter perfumes"...yeah I was poor. And I believe my older sister did wear Obsession for Men!
    Once in college my friends and I stopped at a Jack in the Box and and sang a song to the drive through guy. It was "I believe I can fly" and my friend asked him "do you like Seal?!" and he said "No and that's R. Kelly" Aww AWW! My Aunt gave her son's friend Stetson for men, for Christmas THIS YEAR! I didn't know they still made that crap!!