Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holy buckets of guacamole!

Firstly, I was totally not joking when I was talking to Randa yesterday. She should throw the phone and be depressed. Be depressed!

Part B: I was thinking about taking a class all about Algorithims...but once I figured out it wasn't about Al Gore dancing, I think I changed my mind. You know they're going to make me write out ridiculous algorithims until my brain explodes...or I become a doctor.

Third: It is beyond time for me to become spectacularly weathly for numerous reasons. Of course I would give appropriate amounts of money to charity and people I don't hate. But I want to buy a ton of yarn for no reason. And I want to move to Europe. Although moving with a boxes and boxes of newly purchased yarn could be spendy. Ah well, I'd be rich. Don't worry, Randa, I would bring you with me to be my yarn nanny!

I am having one of those really tired days, where I put sugar in my water glass instead of my coffee cup. It's crazy days like these where Randa and I come up with our funniest money making schemes that involve us being funny and no one understanding us. Like the Meaty and Beefy Comedy Duo. Or terrorist cats. Or wizard cats. Man, I need a nap.

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  1. Holy random posting batman! Why don't you try to work this stuff out with gymnastic dancing instead! LOVE YOU LESLIE!