Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fighting with Hormones...

Holy monkey I was a big ball of angry the past couple of days. I hate feeling out of control angry. I was angry at people for breathing, that's how angry I was. And was it PMS? Who knows because with the IUD I might have a period to show for it but I might not. So I was angry and emotional and a wreck for two maybe three days and for what? Nothin. I talked to my mom tonight and I was telling her about flunking a quiz, an open book quiz, because I couldn't find any of the damn answers and she says "yup, that's what happens, your hormones steal your brain." I hate them. Stinking hormones.
So for my transcribing I'm not supposed to put two spaces after periods, and for the life of me I can't stop that habit. So now I'm doing it on my blog, and I keep doing two spaces then deleting. Its pretty annoying.
Can I tell you something? I HAVEN'T HAD ANY SODA SINCE THAT BLOG! Yeah, that one down there...Not since then. I'm AMAZING! And I've been drinking a crap load of water, and I hate it, because I really want something more, and I'm hungry ALL the time, but I am just drinking more water when I'm hungry so I don't eat more, which works ohhh not very well.
Ugh i had to move my computer down, so I don't have to type on that stupid keyboard. And now my neck is already hurting, one minute after I put it down lower. I have to figure something out. That's the task for tomorrow. I think I might have a plan already, I'll just have to see if it will work, for right now, I lowered my chair and I'm leaned back all gangsta like.
Ugh I just messed around on my Facebook Farm Town game for too long, now its after 11. And I'm d-e-d dead tired. I shouldn't be because I took a 3 hour nap today. We all did. Oscar, Jesse and I, crashed the f out for three hours. It was good. But now I think I'm tired and I should be tired and yet here I am still typing away not wanting to go to sleep.
Tomorrow I might have to blog about poop, and why I hate Jesse and poop.

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  1. On the upside, at least men have to struggle with being at the whim of blood sugar peaks and valleys throughout the course of a day. Whenever I'm having one of those "Gah! I'm at the mercy of something beyond my control here. I feel like having a completely disproportionate response to a really minor problem because of hormones!" I remember when I used to work with thirty male engineers.

    You've never seen anything as awful as a group of thirty men having to delay their lunch by an hour. Talk about bad moods abounding.

    Also, I'm kind of glad you didn't blog about poop ;-)