Friday, June 12, 2009

My Naked Runaway Boy...

So you know how I was laughing at my mom about Oscar running away naked? Well I learned never to laugh about something like that. I had to chase him a half block away today...He was naked from the waist down. I swear to god I'm going to have to duct tape clothes on this kid. Oh and the house that I found him in front of...a cop's house. YAY!! Stinking kid. Now he's happily playing in the backyard with the hose...Hopefully that will keep him entertained for a bit.
I'm not ready to leave my mom's. Not mentally, but physically. I have a lot to do tonite, and I'm being kinda lazy about it. I just hate packing, and finding thing that have been strewn about the house.
Hold Please, have to check on a kid...
Okay he's still watering. Mom's going to be so happy when she gets home!
My brother's give me a hard time about my weight, mostly because they think its okay because I give myself a hard time about it. But today it got to me, because Aba cooked breakfast and I politely declined and he accused me of being anorexic! Seriously! I don't like pancakes, I don't eat them and if they are being cooked I don't want them. I had already eaten something and didn't want to eat, and yet he still badgered me about not eating. "what now your on a diet all of a sudden? you can't eat?" I don't understand. I've been getting back into my good routine of not over eating and feeling in control again. I've got a long way to go but I'm glad to be back.
I've gotta get all this in because I don't know how much I'll be on the net over at Leslie's.
Well mom's home I've got to go to the store now!

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  1. Keep your chin up girly! He's a boy and just doesn't understand the concept of not eating. They will never get it. I am glad you are back on track. Love you. Have fun.