Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leslie Made Me Do This!

Leslie asked me why I haven't posted any new pictures of my scrapbooking adventures. This is the biggest reason, because I did this one....
First sorry for the blurry picture it just adds to the monstrosity. I think I was scrapping blind or something, I used stronger less PC words to discribe my abilities to Leslie, but she's more tollerant of me talking like an asshole.

This one is better, I like the picture of him and the drum, my uncle Joe got it for torture Jesse and I, little does he know, we loved it!

This is a picture of my uncles with Oscar, they love him...well they did before Melanie came and ruined everything with her "cute" kids. Ugh. Okay not really I'm being a bitch.

So the wide open space there is for "journaling" I just don't know what to write. So it remains blank. What can I say besides "Everyone called you a fat baby, but I saw way fatter babies then you. This picture proves nothing."

So there you have it my most recent scrapbooking pictures. I've finished another book today. I'm an animal!!

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